my today's impression
(sorry, its negative comment today.
plz do not read any more if you dont wanna be gloomy.)
why I cannot do such a bit stuff?

it's really easy if you become serious.

not serious - be relaxed ... there are soo big diferences! but it's difficult to control by myself.

Im so coward! and insignificant!

Just consentrate on What I really want to do.

Do some boring jobs which were imposed by someone (or by atmosphrere??) AWAY! WITHOUT delay!!

Scramble money together if you neet it! Find a way in order to go your way!

I want... to be in harder environment. Is it wrong to attribute to environment? In some points Yes,
but I neet it ever since I've enter the Waseda University as an undergraduate student.

I admit my weakness, half-baked thinking.

I have to do more. I have to reconstruct what I should do first...and next.... It's a simple problem
but endless one , to spend a lovely life. yes its for a lovely life:)

On the top of this article, I wrote down "its neganive". But this is very positive one. I noticed now.

Well…this article contains a lot of unsutable expression, like even I can realize...
My heart, however, become lighter and clearer than before!!!! Its quite useful to write down with
letting my hands especially in English!

Thank You for reading till the last:D

Be smile! You are not the only one who struggle to find and go ahead your way.be smile.



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