※英文ミスをLang 8で直してもらったので一部なおしたよ。違うって言われたけど直されたのも違う感じしたのは強情にそのままだよ(笑)(120924

Yesterday I had a bad dream that a terrible TSUNAMI fell on me.

(The TSUNAMI came from the Sea of Japan and got over a line of mountains and to reached my place, Tokyo. Unbelievable!!!! )

(But, the most terrible thing was that I could do nothing even I heard it would come beforehand.(←*it is the story in my dream.))

Today I dropped sevral things again and again.(my chopsticks, books, etc...)

I am so tired, mentally...

My "research" can not flow up from the level of "study", I think.
Reading and reconstracting the existence studies.
Even the "study" is really poor...

In addition to that I might get tired from human contact.
I don't want to meet and talk with people...especially those relating to my research area? Lazy lazy.
I'm not good at suiting myself to...a (kind of) group? Some (specific) groups stronglly compelle me to endure something or pressure myself.

Just I wanna meet who I can be as myself.
I just wanna meet someone that I can be as myself with.

But there was a good thing too.
Yesterday night(Last night) I was really depressed (because mainly of myself but also partially because of...Someone else).

When my despairing emotion reached its peak, (then) suddenly a sound came down from the sky.

It was a song I really love, one of my memorial songs.


So...why can you conclude that Democracy or Democratic decision making is such an important thing to make sustainable the economy or society?
Is there any guarantee (about the relevance) of the relevancy between them?????
Solidarity, Democracy,...how can I (realise) know that?
After all, these are a kind of "situation".
The most important thing is each person's emotion, isn't it?
What is the coopeartive?

These are my questions which remaind in the side of my mind.



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